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You have tons of news channels on the internet. But why news 38? Well, because we are not here for the news only. But the genuine reasons and the facts hidden behind those news.

We do not just throw the tantrum of loads of news pages and notifications to your browsers but we also analyze them. We have specialized persons to give a review or to share their opinion about certain news as well.

We also approach several journalists to talk about a certain issue or news. So we are not just here for the static news. Similarly, we are not here for the headlines as well. We make sure to scrape all the essential news national or international and bring it to our audiences.

As being in the digital era we also appreciate our audience preferences and therefore we have done tremendous work on “Personalization”. That is to use cookies in our website and to deliver the news in which a person is particularly interested.

To deliver and spread news comes with great responsibility. We at static news do all the efforts for the transparency of our news channel. Anything you hear on this platform won’t just be another fake news. We try to support any unusual news with strong facts and only then we publish it on our website. So you can blindly trust our e-news channel with authenticity.

Write for News 38:

So as you can surely understand running a news channel of this caliber is not easy. Therefore, we need you people to showcase your talent in the form of guest post writing. If you buy our services you will surely get a lot of benefits in return. But let’s just first dive into what guest posting is. Because many of the people are unaware about it.

Guest posting hit or miss?

All the new writers face some difficulties regarding the ranking of their articles or with the SEO. So, if you just nodded your head to this statemet, then obviously you should give guest posting a try.

Guest posting is not just simple posting. When you buy a service from a website and write for them according to them in exchange of some benefits. Then it is called guest posting.

Out of all other techniques out there, guest posting is still the best one of them. It is an excellent way of attracting more audience towards you content. Keep in mind this is not fake audience. It is actually organic traffic.

When you write for someone else’s website you get the strongest internet game changer which is the “Backlink”. Backlinks aid a lot in SEO and hence greater amounts of audience rush to your article, when you will use a website of higher authority

As news 38 is a very stable website having an authority of “66”. That means all you worries regarding SEO and ranking are on us. So you can genuinely put all of your focus and effort in writing while we work on your exposure and reach.

So at a broader level guest posting has the following major advantages:

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Greater Google rank
  3. More exposure and reach
  4. Long term relationship with publishers leading to better position in the relative niche

How to approach us?

If you want your work to be known and hence you want to take our services of guest posting, then you have to follow the given protocol:

  • The article should be in accordance with international words. That is the article should be plagiarism free.
  • The article length should be great. It is necessary that word length for your guest post should be 800-1000 words.
  • There is zero tolerance policy at news 38 if you post us anything which you have already published somewhere else OR if it is of someone else’s.
  • Email us your pitch for guest post
  • You must use the word “Pitch” in the subject. It makes you easy to navigate among the spam.
  • Do not use any attachments in your e-mail. Instead, copy past one paragraph of your pitch in the e-mail body. If it is convincing enough then our editors will be in touch with you.