Wealthy but ruthless Americans added another 1 1.1 billion to the global epidemic

Wealthy but ruthless Americans added another 1 1.1 billion to the global epidemic
WASHINGTON: The Corona epidemic swept the world last year and continues to do so. In this crisis, where millions of people lost their incomes and jobs, the American rich amassed more wealth, the equivalent of 1 1.1 trillion (00 1100 billion).

Similarly, the American billionaire, Corona virus crisis also managed to increase wealth by 40%. Elon Musk’s fortune alone increased by 5 155 billion, according to figures from the Institute for Policy Studies’ Progressive Groups in the United States and American for Tax Fairness.

According to the report, 46 people in the United States became billionaires in dollars, which has increased the number of American billionaires. But the distribution of wealth and economic equality in the United States has also been severely affected. It is now the case that people are becoming increasingly unemployed, even homeless. On the other hand, the number of those who have lost their salaries and jobs is very high.
Surprisingly, even those who played a leading role in this epidemic have been caught up in the hardships of livelihood and have lost many jobs. On the other hand, the report states that 660 billionaires in the United States own a total of 1 4.1 trillion. Their combined wealth is more than two-thirds of the total wealth of Americans, making up 50% of the poorest segment of the American population.

On the other hand, in the last six months of 2020, 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty and poverty in the United States has increased rapidly. While there has been some benefit from the federal government’s financial aid scheme, it has been the biggest increase in poverty since 1960. Among them are black Americans.

Poverty-stricken states include North Carolina, Mississippi and Florida.

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