The woman filed for divorce from her husband for hanging out with friends

The woman filed for divorce from her husband for hanging out with friends
Dubai: A court in the United Arab Emirates has rejected a divorce request by a foreign woman for not allowing her to go out with friends.

According to Arab News, the foreign woman had filed for divorce from her husband in the court in which the woman had stated that she wanted to go out with her friends but her husband was not giving permission and she He also abuses and tortures me for this demand.

On the other hand, the husband of a foreign woman said in his defense that he had never been rude to his wife and had arranged suitable accommodation for his wife and son and also paid his monthly expenses on time. Because it’s important for both of us to be with him at all times.
The Gulf court rejected the woman’s demand for divorce, saying that the woman could not present any evidence against her husband before the court, so the woman’s demand for divorce was rejected.

The court further said that the foreign woman could not explain what would be the harm to her if her husband stopped her from going out and why her marriage should be terminated by doing so.

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