The Guide on How to Find the Best Internet Service for Online Gaming

When pandemic restrictions came down, millions of people around the globe turned to tech-fueled diversions, such as Netflix Party and Zoom Chats to stay connected with their friends. But only a true gamer knows that there is no way better to bond with friends than to have an intense video game match.

Gaming skyrocketed during the pandemic. People who snubbed gaming found video games as a source to escape the chaos. In the US alone, four out of five consumers played video games in the last months. In a time where many industries found their businesses dropping and the economy shattering, sales in gaming boomed and are still continuing to boom.

Apart from the fact that the growth of gaming during the pandemic was directly proportional to the increasing isolation. With people having a lot more time on their plate still, gaming became a newfound outlet for learning something new.

The In-House Gamers

With coronavirus continuing to stay in our lives with yet another development — delta variant, gamers are ready to explore their skills with the trending games. Except, to have a ‘goal advantage’ kind of game session you need a good internet connection.

Playing games online pushes the internet to its limit. While the general belief is that a high-speed internet connection revolves around download speed, the reality is a bit more complex. No matter how high your download speed is if you have a latency ranking in hundreds of milliseconds your game will lag.

It goes without saying, but a good internet connection is not limited to how fast the connection is. It turns out that there is a lot more to a good internet connection than finding the right internet deals with fast download speed.

We understand that finding a good internet connection that is easy on the pocket and heavy enough for a good gaming session is challenging. However, we have boiled down points of internet gaming that will help choose the perfect internet service for your home.

Significance of Download and Upload Speed

If you think that watching a movie online or streaming the new Netflix series without a break is not consuming all your internet bandwidth, then let us talk about online video gaming.

Playing games online is undeniably the most energy-consuming activity but not bandwidth-consuming. And before any non-gamer or Netflix Lover raises the question over the legitimacy of this statement, we are adding logic to it. Playing video games does not require an exchange of excess information between the gaming server and the gamer. Instead, the PC or consoles in your system display the game world into your digital screen, not the internet connection.

Many modern games with high-definition graphics require a 3 Mbps download speed. For example, Nintendo Switch needs only 3 Mbps to download speed and a 1 Mbps minimum upload speed.

As long as the internet connection at your home fulfills the requirement quoted above, you can play video games online. However, if you want to have a consistent online experience we would recommend having a better internet connection or better Internet Deals for your home.

Time to Kill Latency!

Latency refers to the time it takes a signal from your device to reach a remote server and come back. So, If latency in your internet connection is too high when you are playing a game online, you will experience lag.

Many factors increase the latency of an internet connection. The physical gap between the player and the server can cause high latency. If in a multiplayer game, the players are located far away from each other, geographically, then your game will experience high latency, traffic conversion, delays, and more.

Moreover, your internet connection type also impacts latency. For instance, fiber optic connections transmit data faster than cable connections. A satellite connection causes higher latency and makes a fast-paced game impossible to play.

Have a Stress-Free Gaming Session!

With a good internet connection, reduced latency, and time to kill, nothing can stop you from becoming the best at your game.

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