Stay optimistic Get healthy and live a long life!

Stay optimistic Get healthy and live a long life!
Boston: American psychologists say that people who are optimistic and find positive aspects in every problem, not only are healthier than others, but also have a slightly longer life span.

Although the general impression is that “optimists”, that is, those who are optimistic in all kinds of situations, are in good health, this is the first regular research on this subject.

A team of psychiatrists and neuroscientists at the Boston University School of Medicine, after studying 233 volunteers for 22 years, discovered that positive thinking not only keeps blood pressure normal but also the immune system. Also remains strong.
Research by Dr. Levina O’Leary and her colleagues has shown that optimists face the same problems in their daily lives as other people, and that their immediate reactions are similar to those of others.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. This is what experts call a “positive impression.”

As a result of the positive impression, their blood pressure and blood supply to different parts of the body also remain normal. And their immune system is working properly.

The same team of experts has discovered in 2019 that the age of pessimists is 11 to 15 percent higher than that of pessimists (those who are always frustrated). New research confirms this once again.

“The link between optimism and good health is now very clear to us,” said Dr. Levina, “but in the case of longevity it remains to be seen whether there is only a connection between optimism and longevity.” Then there is longevity because of optimism. ”

The research, published in the latest issue of the research journal Gerontology Series B, was commented on by Jagdish Khobchandani, a professor of public health at New Mexico State University: “Positive Thinking and Optimism in the 21st Century I have found a lot of evidence that shows how it affects the immune system, mental functions and physical health.

“Today we know that too much nervous tension and a negative mindset affect the neuroendocrine and immune responses in our body, which increases our risk of getting sick while recovering from illness. The recovery process is also slow, ”he explained.

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