Spinach plants began sending e-mails to the world about the weather

Spinach plants began sending e-mails to the world about the weather
BOSTON: Dumb plants are now using e-mail to tell the world about climate change and their history. In this regard, the first spinach plants have opened their mouths.

Although it may seem like a sci-fi movie scene or a scenario for the future, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) experts have equipped spinach leaves with nanotechnology and are sending them emails.

Earlier, thanks to nanotechnology, MIT experts have also turned spinach into explosive detection sensors. The plants were then able to report it wirelessly. In this way, a simple plant can become a dynamite identification system.
Plants can detect nitroerometric compounds in groundwater. These chemicals are common in landmines. But the story of plants does not end here. MIT professor Michael Strano says that plants are analytical chemists in their own right. Their roots constantly collect groundwater and carry it to the whole plant.

Experts can understand this condition and make plants sensors to note environmental pollution, weather fluctuations and climate change. According to experts, plants absorb a lot of data from the sides, until they can take notice of climate change. This knowledge has been dubbed ‘Newbionics’.

Under the same technology, plant trees collect sensing weather conditions, environmental information and other data from themselves and send the information to scientists via email. The whole system is attached to a field that comes under the Internet of Things (IoT).

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