Significant compounds discovered in hospitals against hardy bacteria

Significant compounds discovered in hospitals against hardy bacteria
London: The battle between humans and bacteria has been going on for a long time as the bacteria are rapidly changing their form and becoming more severe and dangerous. Now a new compound has been discovered in the soil that can kill bacteria commonly found in hospitals.

The most important bacterium that causes infections in hospitals is Acinetobacter Bominian, which is rendering every medicine ineffective. This bacterium circulating in hospitals is not only defeating important antibiotics like penicillin and tetracycline but also our last weapon against germs Colstein is giving up. If this medication fails, the patient is completely trapped in the chains of infection. That is why international organizations themselves are warning that we are losing our fight against dangerous bacteria and if this trend continues then within a few decades the effects of incurable bacteria will begin to claim millions of lives every year.

The reason is that as the use of cholesterol increased, so did the Bacinus acenito bacterium, which is rapidly declining and is now declining in efficacy. Experts themselves found a relative of the same bacteria in the soil. A study of the genomes of 10,000 bacteria revealed that there were 35 genes that had a Colstein-like structure and temperament. In this way, after going through several stages, a compound molecule was formed in the laboratory which was named ‘Mycolison’.
Now it has been placed in a laboratory to be exposed to bacteria that had previously failed the cholesterol antibiotic. The rats were then infected with an XDR infection, in the face of which our last antibiotics were useless.

Surprisingly, mice infected with the hard-boiled bacteria were completely cured by a single injection of this compound, meaning that the new compound was able to defeat even the most dangerous bacteria. In the next phase, the drug will be developed and tested on patients who are completely disillusioned with antibiotics.

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