Shark and turtle waterway discovered, but endangered

Shark and turtle waterway discovered, but endangered
Costa Rica: A passageway under the sea around the Galapagos Islands and the Cocos Islands, which can be called a waterway for sharks and turtles. But the news is that it needs to be saved now because time is short and competition is fierce.

This 750 km long marine highway is frequented by leatherback and green turtles as well as a variety of sharks. The coral reefs and hills here are used by these creatures as milestones. Some animals stop here to eat and rest.

According to experts, the rarest sea creatures come and go on this route, but the sea here is open and fishing companies can bring their ships and boats. This can lead to severe allergic reactions.

Alexa, a researcher here, wants the area to be completely safe, with an area of ​​240,000 square kilometers, which could be equal to the area of ​​the United Kingdom. On the ocean floor are the ridges of oceanic hills that once erupted lava and now emit magnetic singles. With their help, some animals, such as hammerhead shakers and sea turtles, move on. Thus the area provides a milestone for these dumb animals.

That is why this important waterway needs to be saved.

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