Saudi government warns wildlife breeders

Saudi government warns wildlife breeders
Riyadh: The National Wildlife Center in Saudi Arabia has warned that keeping beasts is a legal crime with heavy fines and imprisonment.

According to the details, the spokesman of the wildlife department, Bandar Al-Faleh, while talking to the local media, said that under the royal decrees, importing and keeping beasts in the kingdom for personal or commercial purposes is a crime. All wild animals in Saudi Arabia are illegal Brought as

“Raising beasts is a dangerous thing, they attack the owner at any time,” he said. “Such incidents are reported all over the world. There was an accident in the Saudi capital last week.”


In Riyadh, a lion attacked its own owner and killed him. They are banned from breeding beasts in the kingdom for dangerous reasons. War beasts have a tendency to attack their own masters when they go bad, with dangerous consequences, as seen in the Saudi capital Riyadh.


Responding to a question, Bandar Al-Faleh said that the wildlife department is the only body that issues permits for raising animals but so far no permit has been issued for raising animals.

It should be noted that under Saudi law, if 10,000 animals are kept for breeding animals and endangered species, they can be fined 30 million riyals and imprisoned for 10 years.

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