Russia develops state-of-the-art pistol

Russia develops state-of-the-art pistol
Moscow: Russia’s Kalashnikov company has developed a new and sophisticated pistol that has been successfully tested.

According to Russian media, the Kalashnikov Group has announced that the pistol Labidev Modular, manufactured by the Kalashnikov Group (State Tech Corporation Rustic), has successfully passed various tests.

The group stated that the pistol was designed according to the RIS experimental design under a technical assignment from the National Guard, and developed an advanced pistol chamber for the 19 by 9 mm pistol with expanded tactical capabilities. Has gone

According to local media reports, the National Guard Command has praised the new pistol.

Alexei Bezobekov, deputy director of the Federal National Guard Troops Service and commander of the National Guard Troops, said work on the pistol began in 2017 as part of the National Guard’s strategy, technical assignment. This work has now been completed and the test has been completed with positive results.

The group added that Russia’s National Commission had approved the results of state pistol trials and recommended that the handgun be accepted for service in the National Guard.

Other law enforcement, security and defense agencies are also expected to show interest in the new pistol.

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