Revealing a strong link between insomnia and paralysis

Revealing a strong link between insomnia and paralysis
Sweden: So far a direct link between insomnia and many diseases has been revealed. Scientists at the American Heart Association now insist that persistent insomnia can lead to a stroke similar to that caused by smoking and high blood pressure.

One type of paralysis is the accumulation of blood in a delicate cerebral vein (or veins) that causes the vein to swell like a balloon. This vein then ruptures and causes hemorrhage, which is often fatal. In medical parlance it is also called intercranial aneurysm.

Three percent of adults worldwide go through this process, but fortunately only two and a half percent of cases have a vein rupture, which we can call a type of stroke. It causes blood to flow through a vein and accumulate between the brain and the skull and is often fatal.
In addition to smoking and high blood pressure, insomnia is one of the many factors that can increase the risk, said Dr. Susanna Larson of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and her colleagues.

It so happened that scientists looked at 6,300 and then 4,200 cases that had a genetic link. That is, hemorrhagic stroke was caused by genetic mutations. After careful estimation, it was found that 24% of the genes are related to the gene that causes sleep deprivation.

The link between insomnia and hemorrhage had never been seen before. However, research has shown that poor sleep can increase the risk of stroke. However, experts have called for more research.

However, in 2016, after a scientific study by the American Heart Association, it was said that lack of sleep and poor sleep can increase blood pressure. Scientists are now planning a major survey.

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