Radmila Lolly shined at TEDx DupreePark

Radmila Lolly was very honored to be the speaker at TEDx DupreePark. She talked about how to live outside the box and how mothers & music can empower our dreams.

 Mothers help us to explore our future from early age. 

Radmila’s mother provided her with a creative perspective on life, and allowed her to imagine and believe that she can be anything she thrives to be.   

Radmila is currently working on her project “DIVA.”  

The project consist novel, audiobook, 27 movement album, film, and couture line.

Radmila’s ability to persevere and be optimistic in the face of adversity has been admirable. She says, “it might be challenging to concentrate and devote time and energy to creating or pushing oneself when faced with difficult circumstances. We cannot think of any alternative way to accomplish anything without dedicating a considerable amount of time and effort. Almost everyone’s life has a low point at one point or another.” 

Radmila is a self-described perfectionist who is constantly striving to enhance her abilities.  

Follow her on Instagram/Radmilalolly and visit her website www.radmilalolly.com 

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