Quality and Effectiveness have made USPA a Leading Security Agency

Over the past two decades, USPA Nationwide Security has committed its profits to protecting women from human trafficking, kidnapping as well as domestic violence, and they have delivered on their promise.

The once clandestine Kidnap Recovery Division of USPA Nationwide Security, Kingsman, has been in the news recently for not only saving women from abduction, but for performing free rescues in southern Florida of women and children trapped in the devastation of Hurricane Ian. The organization performed and funded rescues of women and children in Ukraine, and currently locates and rescues women from human trafficking here in the United States. Additionally, Kingsman operates a witness protection program, similar to that of the United States Marshals Service. However, Kingsman provides it free of charge by using the profits generated by USPA Nationwide Security’s traditional security services.

According to USPA’s 2021 End of Year Financial Disclosure, here is a breakdown of how the company invests profits:

Security Officers: The traditional security guard service line constitutes 50% of USPA’s profits, including executive salaries. Those profits have been and continue to be used for the investigation of missing children in the United States. In order to locate missing children, USPA funds private investigators, security consultants, informants, and other professionals.

Fire Watch: USPA provides a licensed fire watch services throughout the country. The profits from fire watch services are used to investigate and rescue victims of human trafficking as well as to protect women witnesses.

Bodyguards: The international security firm has provided close protection officers (bodyguards) in most areas of the United States since 2005. In addition to paying company salaries and supporting the company’s infrastructure, the firm uses the profits from their bodyguard service to pay for their bodyguard service. Nearly half of the domestic services they perform are related to bodyguards.

Caribbean Security Service: USPA has operated for decades in the Maldives as well as all Caribbean islands, including the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Aruba, and Cancun, using Caribbean Security Services profits to provide rewards for missing women and children.

“We once struggled to be profitable because of our insistence on philanthropic use of company profits, but it is our ethos today,” according to Brian Fitzgibbons, the company’s Vice President of Operations. The business model of most security companies is traditionally based on generating the most profit from each client. USPA does it differently, and they believe that is what makes them a leader in the security industry.

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