Oman brings good news to illegal immigrants

Oman brings good news to illegal immigrants
Expired visa holders were given another 14 days to stay in the country
The Gulf state of Oman has given significant relief to expired visa holders. According to the details, Oman has announced that illegal immigrants will be able to stay in the country for another 14 days. According to Urdu News, Oman has extended the period of stay in the country without a visa to 14 days. According to Arab News, the Royal Police of Oman has announced that ‘people coming from 103 countries to Oman have a visa for 14 days. Can live without
In December last year, Oman announced that people from Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Armenia, Ecuador and Chile could stay in Oman for ten days without an entry visa. According to a statement issued by the police, “In order to boost the tourism sector, it has been decided to remove the entry visa requirement for people from 103 countries and allow them to stay in Oman for 14 days.”

However, citizens of these countries must meet certain conditions to enter the country, including hotel bookings, health insurance, return tickets and corona tests. Oman has since banned all international flights. Oman is cracking down on illegal immigrants, deporting thousands of people, including Pakistanis, Indians and others. Including residents.

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