Now Lalbeg will work to save human lives, scientists

Now Lalbeg will work to save human lives, scientists
Japan: Scientists have found a way to save human lives through red bags.

According to the report of the foreign news agency Reuters, Japanese scientists have developed a device that can be installed on the back of Lalbag. Through this device, red bags can be used in rescue missions.

Seeing Lal Bag, most of the people are either afraid of him, run away from him in disgust, while some people kill him, but now this Lal Bag will be able to help save the lives of people in trouble.

For example, if people are buried under the rubble after an earthquake or any other natural disaster, then hundreds of red bags can be left there, which will enter the rubble through a small hole with this device and mark the people trapped inside. will be able to

Not only this, these red bags can also be instructed to turn right or left through the device and remote.

How will this device be charged?

To meet the energy needs, scientists have glued a solar film on Lalbag’s body that is three times thinner than a human hair. .

Now the new challenge for the scientists is to make this device smaller so that the red bags have to carry a minimum load and can also install cameras and sensors in it to make the rescue easier.

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