North Korea imposes harsh penalties on foreign words, movies and genes

North Korea imposes harsh penalties on foreign words, movies and genes
North Korea has recently introduced new and stricter laws aimed at eliminating all forms of foreign interference.

It should be noted that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un introduces new rules every day that are strictly enforced.

In North Korea, the state already has tight control over the media and bans watching foreign dramas and movies, while wearing blue jeans is also forbidden because it is a sign of US imperialism, not just for haircuts. The state has also set rules and Western-style haircuts are not allowed.

There is no internet access for the general public and the speed is very low for certain people. There are a few state-controlled televisions in the country that broadcast only what Kim Jong Un wants to tell.

Recent laws also impose harsh penalties on foreign films, clothing and even speaking foreign words.

Under the new rules, large-scale possession of videos from South Korea, the United States or Japan is punishable by up to 15 years in prison if caught.

Kim Jong Un recently ordered a crackdown on anti-socialist and anti-social tendencies in the country, calling foreign dramas, clothes, speeches and hairstyles “slow poison”.

Security agencies in North Korea have repeatedly told people that possessing illegal (foreign) videos is punishable by death, but that dramas and films are still being smuggled in from South Korea. Videos are deliberately sent by the enemy for propaganda.

These punishments and laws are not new, dating back to the time of North Korea’s founder and first dictator, Kim Il Sung (Kim Jong Un’s grandfather), but now they are on the rise.

Speaking to the BBC, Yoon Mee-soo, a former North Korean national living in South Korea, said that when she was 11 years old, a man was hanged in her neighborhood for watching a South Korean drama, while all the neighbors Individuals were ordered to watch the scene, a violation of which amounted to treason.

According to experts, Kim Jong Un wants to keep North Koreans away from the outside world through tough measures so that they are not affected by freedom of expression and democratic thinking in the world, as well as to cover up their economic failures. The people of North Korea have been in a difficult situation since.

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