New weapon against the most dangerous bacteria, gold particles

New weapon against the most dangerous bacteria, gold particles
LONDON: Scientists at three major universities have said that the most powerful antibiotics can kill bacteria that are not cured by special gold particles.

Scientists at the Southern University of Science and Technology in China and Feudan University and the British University of Leeds have specially designed gold nanoparticles. In this way they destroy the bacteria while not damaging the healthy parts around them.

For this, very fine gold particles have been added inside two molecules. In this way they are able to destroy the hardest bacteria and do no harm to the sides.
Although efforts have been made, gold particles do not distinguish between friend and foe and also damage healthy parts of the body.

It is now important for the germs and bacteria themselves to accept the gold particles and reject them by other healthy cells in the body. For this, experts have changed the gold nanoparticles in two ways. First, they made a particle small enough to pass through the kidneys and out of the body. The thickness of the two-meter was enough for this. That is, a ball of only 25 atoms of gold was made.

The second requirement was that an adhesive be applied to it so that it could be tracked and that it could penetrate the floating bacteria. For this, a chemical structure called Lai Jands was used.

The good news is that the legend has a positive charge and the bacterial upper layer has a negative charge. This is how bacteria attract gold particles in the same way that cat’s hair sticks to a sweater.

But it should be noted that there were still flaws in it and it is very important for gold therapy to maintain the attraction and charge of the particles. For this, the scientists chose another material, notably pyridinium and zosterine. The former has both positive and negative charges at the same time.

Now pyridinium is beginning to attract more bacteria, the usefulness of which has been proven in previous studies. In the next phase, it was tested on MRSE, a very dangerous type of bacterium, and the gold nanoparticles damaged it very effectively.

In the next step, the nanoparticles were used in combination with antibiotics, which greatly reduced the number of bacteria. At one stage, this reduced the growth of MRSE to 100 times. In the next phase, they were tested on MRSE skin-infected mice, and there, too, the usefulness of gold particles was discovered.

Scientists have called this technology of gold nanoparticles a golden opportunity to kill bacteria.

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