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Many things can go in the way of achieving one’s goals, yet no matter how many roadblocks one encounters, one’s destiny is ultimately defined by the scope of one’s aspirations. Andre Yarbrough’s disability was a major roadblock in his path to becoming a musician. It wasn’t easy, but eventually, he was able to conquer the mountain of uncertainty that had haunted him, pushing him into a great career as Mu Diamonds and the founding of his label, Dynesty Entertainment.

Mu Diamonds found peace in music

Mu Diamonds grew up in a violent neighbourhood in Buffalo, New York. In his adolescence, he found peace in music, as did many other young people in the same situation. As early as fourteen, Mu began rapping with his buddies, listening to instrumentals and honing their rhymes through freestyles. However, his way of life soon caught up with him, ending in prison. Even though Mu’s life had taken a turn for the worse, he would go from bad to worse when using a wheelchair.

A drive-by gunshot left him paralysed from the waist down, and he added, “In return, it left me permanently disabled.” “It’s been the most difficult battle of my entire life.”

It has been a rough time for Mu Diamonds since he was paralysed. He remembers the sensation of betrayal he had when Mu was left to fend for himself by people he loved. Despite the tremendous hostility, Mu Diamonds was able to emerge from the ashes and focus on growing his profession in the midst of it all.

Wide range of talents

As a rapper, the budding star has a wide range of talents that can catapult him to success. Additionally, he has an uncanny ability to persevere and see the big picture. “I hear music.” Mu’s statement, “I don’t hear it,” gave him a leg up in his professional life. Over a decade of shows, the rapper has established a name for himself and exceeded his initial expectations. Mu Diamonds pushed himself to new heights and discovered that he had surpassed his expectations.

The rapper’s company

With his record label, Mu could now use his success to elevate the spirits of others. Dynesty Entertainment, the rapper’s and modelling company, is more than simply a brick-and-wire building. It’s a family-oriented organisation. As a part of someone else’s brand, Mu stated, “You’re subject to all kinds of treatment. When you don’t have your own, you’re subject to being part of someone else’s.

Mu Diamonds, despite his accomplishments, isn’t satisfied with where he is. Even though he’s already a household name, the rapper hopes to go even further and become a global sensation. 

Mu Diamonds aims

For the first time, Mu aims to shift his concentration away from the music industry and towards the entertainment industry, working on significant film projects. The label of brilliant stars and models on his list of hits is what he imagined himself doing when he was behind the desk, making executive choices.

Memories & Moments is now available on all major platforms, including iTunes. Until January 12th, you can only hear “Engaged 2 Da Money” on SoundCloud. His brother recorded it.

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