MPA suspended over dog bite

MPA suspended over dog bite
today is Sunday. Sons and daughters Grandchildren A day to answer the questions that are tormenting the minds of the grandchildren. Rather, I say that grandparents. Grandparents. A day for parents to learn from their children. The new devices we have are smartphones. Internet. Facebook. Our children are experts in using it. Sunday is more suitable for them to know the secrets of these devices.

I have before me an important decision of its kind which was taken by the Sukkur Bench of the Sindh High Court on February 24. Now a written decision has been made. Never before in history has there been such an effective decision. The decision is that the MPA of the area where the dog bite will occur will be suspended. The suspended MPA will not be able to vote in the Senate elections.

The court expressed dissatisfaction over the report submitted by municipal, revenue and police officers from across Sindh and said that the municipal officers had failed to launch a dog-killing campaign. Now, if any incident occurs, the secretary directs the local government to cut the salary of this municipal officer and give him a plus.

The apex court also warned that the MPA of the area where the dog bite would take place would now be suspended. On which the public prosecutor present there said that the MPA had nothing to do with the incidents of sealing. On which the apex court remarked that we know who is given commission in the funds coming in connection with the dog killing campaign.

It would be better not to open our mouths. It is the duty of the MPAs to protect the people. Now the MPA of the constituency where the incident will take place will not be able to cast his vote in the Senate election.

Thank God our courts are independent. Our esteemed and just judge is aware of the facts. These comments are not only related to the incidents of dog bites but are a complete understanding of the degenerate society of Pakistan. It is an effective attempt to prevent unrestrained elections from galloping.

Assemblies have made our influential class arrogant and rebellious. The system of democracy that the people of the West have created for centuries for the welfare and service of the common man has become a victim of tribal aspirations and feudal aspirations. The parliamentary system has been the most lucrative business since 1985. Industry and agriculture also do not have the same proportion of profits as in the Assembly and Senate elections.

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