MBM: His Quest For Knowledge Took Him A Long Way

MBM- the ultimate source of inspiration for everyone is all you need to know to inspire and motivate yourself. No matter whatever he did in his life, he always made education his priority, and hence, it is his passion for learning more and more that made him what he is today. However, he didn’t only give all his time to his studies but he also managed time for other activities too which helped him build a strong and influential personality today. 


MBM is interested in different types of sports like football, surfing, boxing, swimming, golfing, bike riding, and horse polo. This is not yet true, he is also a chess and ball pool expert.  But as said earlier, he contributed a big part of his life to studies and gaining knowledge, he tried studying different fields and topics. After completing high school, he signed up for an Understanding Financial Marketing course at Geneva University taught by Dr. Michael Girardin who is a lecturer in the Macro-Finance Department. 


The course proved helpful for him as it allowed him to learn the dynamics of business and the economy. Throughout his journey of practicing the field of market and finance, he learned about the economy, stock exchange, and bonds in depth. With time, he developed skills that are essential for a businessman which included knowledge about risk and risk assessments along with the proper understanding of investment markets. 


After the theoretical part of the course was covered, MBM was made to focus on the less popular markets of the time like gold, real estate, hedge funds, and private markets. All of this experience helped him to be familiar with risks and return opportunities associated with such businesses. Not only did it improve his skills, but it also aided him to learn and build a strong and efficient investment portfolio. 

Mbm image during a horse riding

MBM was fortunate enough to have been taught by the UBS experts and corporate professionals about the strategies of the central banks, their impact on financial markets. They also taught him how effective these strategies would be on fluctuating financial assets. His dedication to his studies and hard work unlocked the secret of a successful, financially stable life for him. He now knows the ways to achieve his financial goals and is all set to mark his spot in the business industry. 


However, business was not the only thing MBM was interested in. He tried his luck and worked passionately to learn justice as well. For that, he took a course at Harvard University taught by professor Micheal Sandel. The course covered all the topics related to justice along with implementing these theories in everyday life helping him to experience it practically. Here he was taught about the areas that were affected by justice which included affirmative actions, property rights, human rights and the role of markets. Just as his previous course, this one also turned out to be beneficial for him in all aspects. He acquired the skills to analyze data and information and gained expertise in understanding the world. 


From his proficiency in his studies to his talented personality, he has amazed his followers with his way of seeing and living his life. He influences masses to focus on their careers, not letting go of the opportunities that come their way, and most importantly, to be consistent and hardworking since these are the keys to a successful life. You should check his Instagram page to keep yourself updated about his journey and more travel adventures@mbm1official.

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