Marriage to Prince Harry: I can hear the demand of an Indian woman and judge

Marriage to Prince Harry: I can hear the demand of an Indian woman and judge
Haryana: An Indian woman lawyer who dreamed of marrying British Prince Harry has made a bizarre demand from the court.

Palwinder Kaur, a female lawyer from the Indian state of Punjab, has filed a petition in the court alleging that Prince Harry did not fulfill her promise to marry her and therefore her and her father Prince, who obstructed the marriage. Charles should be arrested.

According to Indian media, the Palwinder Corps has filed a petition in the High Court seeking legal action against Prince Harry Middleton, son of British Prince Charles Middleton, and ordering the British police to take action against him.

Palwinder Kaur, a female lawyer, said that arrest warrants should be issued against both the father and son and they should be arrested and brought to India so that their marriage would not be further delayed.

The High Court judge heard the petition directly on the petitioner’s special appeal. During the hearing, when the judge asked Palwinder Kaur if she had ever been to the UK or if she had met Prince Harry, Palwinder Kaur replied in the negative. Given

The woman said that Prince Harry and I had talked only through social media and that I had also formally informed Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, that his son was “engaged” with me.

Palwinder Kaur also provided some printouts of her conversation with Prince Harry as proof of her claim, but the court found them obscure when they looked at them carefully and some sentences were omitted.

Expressing his displeasure, the judge said that there was nothing to consider the petition. It has been drafted in a very crude way, it is not correct both grammatically and logically. “I think it is nothing more than a daydream to marry Prince Harry.”

Justice Sangwan said the court could not trust the alleged conversation because it was possible that someone had created a fake ID of Prince Charles on Facebook and Twitter.

The judge said sarcastically that it looked like the so-called Prince Charles was sitting in a cyber cafe in a village in Punjab looking for a beautiful bride for himself.

“I can only sympathize with you that you have accepted this false conversation as real,” he told petitioner’s wife, Palwinder Kaur.

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