Lionel Messi wants to go to America and play

Lionel Messi wants to go to America and play
I want to play in the United States and gain experience of life and leagues there: famous footballer
Lionel Messi, the star footballer of Argentina and the representative of the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​has expressed his desire to play in the United States. Lionel Messi, the 33-year-old Argentine star footballer, said he wanted to go to the United States one day to play, but was currently uncertain about his contract.
The Barcelona-led striker could sign new contracts from January, but there has been a lot of speculation about his future in the football world following the transfer request. Speaking to Spanish TV, Lionel Messi said that he has not yet decided what to do, he will wait for the end of the season.

Messi added that he wants to play in the United States and gain experience in life and leagues there, but also knows that he has to return to Barcelona.

It should be noted that Messi had recently broken the record of scoring the most goals for a club by scoring the 644th goal for Barcelona against Real Villa Dold in the Spanish League match. The record was previously held by the 80-year-old Brazilian great Pele, who won three World Cups, scoring 643 goals for his club Santos in 19 seasons from 1956 to 1974.

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