Israeli bombing in Gaza, ceasefire agreement in jeopardy

Israeli bombing in Gaza, ceasefire agreement in jeopardy

Israel has once again bombed Gaza in violation of international law and the ceasefire agreement, threatening to endanger the ceasefire agreement with Hamas.

Israeli forces have accused the Palestinian resistance group Hamas of carrying out bombings from various parts of Gaza, in response to which Gaza was bombed. An immediate response to the Israeli attack was not immediately available.

Israeli warplanes pounded Gaza City and southern Khan Younis on Wednesday, and for the second day in a row, the bombing continued into the night.

Israeli bombing of Gaza, 10 Palestinians injured

Earlier, just 24 hours after taking power in Israel, Israeli forces in the Naphtali Bennett government carried out airstrikes in Gaza, injuring 10 Palestinians and destroying several buildings.

International media houses destroyed due to Israeli bombing in Gaza

It should be noted that on May 21, Israel unilaterally declared a ceasefire against Hamas.

It should be noted that 213 people, including 61 children and 36 women, were martyred in the ongoing 12-day clashes between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, while 10 Israelis were also killed.

Israel destroyed the buildings of several media houses in Gaza during the clashes, including Al Jazeera and AP.

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