Ismail Haniyeh re-elected Hamas leader

Ismail Haniyeh re-elected Hamas leader
Gaza: Ismail Haniyeh has been elected for the second time as the president of the Palestinian resistance organization Hamas.

Ismail Haniyeh, who has led Hamas since 2017, has been re-elected president, according to the International News Agency. He will remain president of Hamas until 2025.

Since Ismail Haniyeh took over the leadership of Hamas, Hamas has fought hard against the Israeli army and won many places. Israel was recently forced into a ceasefire with Hamas after 14 days of bombing, which Hamas called a victory.
Ismail Haniyeh, 58, has been a close associate of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen was paralyzed at the age of 12 after suffering an accident during a game and his eyesight was extremely impaired. He lived in a wheelchair all his life and fought for it.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was indiscriminately shot dead by an Israeli helicopter in 2004, after which Ismail Haniyeh assumed important responsibilities and surprised everyone by winning the 2006 parliamentary elections.

Ismail Haniyeh also became prime minister after winning the election, but was not accepted by the European Union and the United States, including Israel, which revolted against the Fatah government in 2007 and established its own government in Gaza.

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