Indonesia: Missing submarine crew declared dead

Indonesia: Missing submarine crew declared dead

Hopes of finding Indonesia’s missing submarine are dashed. Authorities have pronounced all missing staff dead.

53 people aboard the missing Indonesian navy submarine have lost hope. Authorities pronounced all the missing dead.

Hadi Tajajanto, chief of the Indonesian army, said the Nangla 402 submarine went missing early in the morning on April 21 during a training exercise. The Indonesian navy says all 53 people aboard the submarine are believed to have been killed.


He said that the rescue mission was now moving from Phase Sub Miss to Phase Sub Sink. It may be recalled that 21 naval warships, 3 submarines, while 5 aircraft and helicopters are taking part in the search for the missing submarine.

The submarine’s disappearance was reported when the crew did not report it as scheduled. The submarine disappeared into the deep sea 60 miles north of Bali.

According to Indonesian media, the navy believes that the submarine sank to a depth of 700 meters. According to a statement issued by the Indonesian Navy, it is possible that after the dive, the blackout lost control and it was not possible to carry out emergency measures due to which the submarine reached a depth of 600 to 700 meters.

Singapore, Malaysia and India have also sent submarine rescue ships to help, while the United States, Australia, France and Germany are assisting in the search for the submarine. The Indonesian submarine went missing during exercises on Wednesday.

The presence of oil at sea level indicates that the submarine’s fuel tank was damaged or that it could be a signal from the crew. The submarine had 49 crew members, a commander and three gunmen, according to the defense ministry.

The German-built submarine had been operating in Indonesia since 1981 and was scheduled to take part in a missile firing exercise on April 22. The Indonesian navy currently has 5 submarines and wants to increase that number to 8 by 2024.

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