India should stop using pellet guns on children in occupied Kashmir: UN

India should stop using pellet guns on children in occupied Kashmir: UN
Geneva: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said that India should stop its security forces from targeting children with pellet guns in occupied Kashmir.

In light of the UN Security Council report on children and armed conflict, General Secretary Antonio Guterres demanded that India not associate children with security forces and refrain from using pellet guns on children.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres added: “I am saddened by reports of serious abuses by the Indian Army against children in Kashmir. I am concerned about this situation.”
The UN chief called on the Indian government to ratify the Safe School and Vancouver Principles as soon as possible to protect students, teachers, schools and universities from armed conflict, saying “I want troops in occupied Kashmir schools, arrests of children.” And there is concern about violence.

Antonio Guterres condemned the Indian Army’s mistreatment of children in Kashmir and called on the Indian government to ensure implementation of the 2015 Act on the Care and Protection of Arrested Children.

What does the report say about India?
The UN report details the mistreatment of children in Occupied Kashmir, including the seizure of Indian Army schools, the arrest of children as militants and the torture of detainees. Have gone

The report revealed that 33 boys and 6 girls were tortured in Occupied Kashmir last year, of whom 9 were killed and 30 were maimed, while 11 children were blinded by pellet guns.

The report further said that for four months last year, the Indian Army had set up campuses in seven schools while four children had been arrested on charges of affiliation with militant groups.

It should be noted that this UN report examines the effects and harms on children in war-torn areas around the world. The report states that about 19,300 serious violations were committed in Afghanistan, Syria and Congo. went.

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