Important guidelines of the Saudi government regarding the final exit and exit promise

Important guidelines of the Saudi government regarding the final exit and exit promise
Riyadh: The Saudi government has issued instructions for awareness of the laws regarding the final exit and exit promise of foreigners, without which it is impossible to change the documents.

Residence and residency laws for foreigners are clear in Saudi Arabia, which must be followed by all. There are also laws regarding employers and employers, and it is important to be aware of them.

Foreigners must obtain a re-entry or final exit visa in Saudi Arabia for a holiday or permanent repatriation. The re-entry visa is called exit promise in Arabic while the final exit visa is called exit visa.

One person has discovered that my final exit has begun, but has now postponed my intention to return. So in that case can I change my exit visa to exit promise?

The licensors replied that the exit visa could be revoked within the stipulated time (if it has not expired) provided the worker’s stay is valid.

It should be noted that according to the law, the validity of an exit visa is 60 days. During this period, one must travel or if one does not go home permanently and does not use the visa, then cancel it within the prescribed period of 60 days. Must do otherwise a fine is imposed according to the law.

In order to cancel the exit visa, the residence must be valid. If the period of residence has expired, then this process must be done simultaneously, ie the exit has to be canceled by paying the renewal fee.

Another person asked how long it would take for an outbound person to come on another visa? According to the licenses, there is no restriction on re-entry on another visa if the offender is not registered as an offender and his visa has been stamped in accordance with the law. Can come back

It should be noted that there are two types of exit visa applied for repatriation on a permanent basis. An exit bath is imposed on legal entrants against whom no violation of any kind has been recorded and their sponsor issues an exit bath visa without any demand.

The Second Deputation Center issues exit visas to foreigners who are arrested for violating residency or labor laws while working outside of their designated sponsor, in order to deport such individuals from the country. An exit visa is issued.

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