How to Split PDF File

How to Split PDF File


What is the best way to split a PDF file into two or more files? Even while PDFs are perfect for presenting and archiving large documents, there will be times when you need to divide them into smaller chunks. This is a realistic way for deleting unnecessary content, decreasing file sizes, and managing large files efficiently. https://www.ilovepdfindia.com/


PDF Converter Elite can easily split PDF pages from a single file into smaller ones with just a few basic parameters.

Split PDF to pages

1: Click the Open icon to select a PDF file from your PC.

2: Select Edit from the drop-down menu, and the right-hand sidebar will appear.

3: On that sidebar, click the Split PDF File button.

4: Fill in the numbers for the split pages’ first and last pages. If you just want to split one page, provide the same page number.

5: You’ll be prompted to save the extracted file after clicking the Split button. Select and save the desired location. The original file will not be changed in any way.

half the PDF pages

To split your PDF file in two, repeat the procedures above. Select Split PDF File from the Edit menu after opening a PDF file. In the parts where you must specify page numbers, make sure to include the first page and the page that will split your PDF in two.


You’ll only get the first half of the PDF when you click the Split button, but you’ll preserve the original PDF file. To extract the other half of your PDF, repeat the steps above, but at the end, choose the first page of the second half of your file and the last page of your PDF.


You may divide a PDF online for free without needing to send an email.


If you’d rather collaborate with someone,

How is the file divided?

For instance, if your document has 50 pages and you type pages 2,12,20, the document will be split as follows:

In the initial split file, only the pages up to the first written number will be included. In this example, pages 1 and 2 are used.

The pages following the first typed number and ending with the second typed number will be placed in the second split file. This sample will comprise pages 3 through 12.

The last split file contains the pages after the last inputted number till the end of the manuscript (from page 21 to 50)

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