How to care for your fingernails and toes

How to care for your fingernails and toes


A healthy nail looks and feels smooth, even and there is no change in color. We all want beautiful nails so we enjoy nail fashion such as nail polish, acrylic nails, nail art etc. In our search to make our nails look beautiful and handsome, we might cause damage to the cuticles, nail plates and stimulate our reduction in the strength and texture of our nails. Some fashion tools and nail chemicals can cause damage to our nails, nail polish and nail removal have a drying component that sucks moisture from the nail. Nail fashion can be done in a careful and safe way with minimal damage to the nails. Safe nail fashion requires proper nail care and maintenance. Therefore, it is important to know DOS and DON’TS from nail fashion and healthy nail maintenance. In terms of fungal infections, you will need the best nail fungus treatment.

Nail Care: DOS

Wear waterproof or rubber gloves when cleaning, dealing with chemicals or washing dishes.

Do not expose your nails to hard or extreme weather conditions, wear gloves to protect nails from hard weather.

Utilizing sharp manicure tools, scissors or scissors screaming sharply and clean.

Use hand lotion and moisturizer every day, you can also apply hardening of the nails as a protective layer to increase the strength or hardness of the nail.

Biotin is a nail supplement that can be used to strengthen and restore weak and fragile nails.

Use acetone -free erasers to remove dirt from your nails, know that acetone has a drying effect on the nails.

Consistent with pruning and submission of your nails. Keep them briefly to minimize damage or separation and prevent dirt accumulate under the nails.

Always save the nail file, use a glass or nail file of crystal nails because it is nail friendly, even for damaged and fragile nails.

Take care of your manicure tools clean, take care of them because you will clean your makeup or hair tools.

Protect your cuticle.

Apply nail oil or lanolin to your nails to moisturize the nails.

Nail care: no

Don’t finally get nail mushrooms. Many people ask questions, are nail mushrooms transmitted?

Avoid your prolonged nail contact with water. Soaking of the fingers in water for a long time is not recommended because the nails absorb water and become soft when in water for too long and can cause damage.

Do not choose your cuticle because it can cause you to get a little piece on the skin that can make it vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections.

Don’t pull Hangnail, instead of using a clipper of the nail. Tearing it can leave a piece or tears in the tissue on your skin.

Limit the use of acetone or remover of your nail polish. Choose nail polish erasers that do not contain acetone or similar components.

Do not enter the metal device under the nail to remove dirt. The tools may walk deeper and leave tears in the tissue under the nails or produce nail plates separate from the skin.

Nail art like acrylic nails should not be done too often.

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