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It is a fact that the business world has hundreds of industries. It is obvious that we can’t cover everything, and we can’t be experts in all of them. Our products have certainly made a significant impact in some fields. As well, we are open to learning something new to help any business succeed and become more profitable.

We include two industries and Edtech.


Programs are developed, modified, and updated by software developers in the banking and finance industries. In addition to financial education software, the company also provides debit/credit card software.

Who are financial software developers?

Financial software developers are responsible for a number of tasks, but in general, they are generally responsible for:

  • The purpose of this task is to identify end-user specifications and requirements for financial software programs in conjunction with management and other departments.
  • Your role will be to design algorithms that will determine how programs and applications operate.
  • Identify and troubleshoot bugs in financial software programs following their development: Once they’re developed, you will thoroughly test them for bugs.
  • You will be responsible for troubleshooting issues, making improvements, and providing support to end users for existing financial software.
  • Your financial software programs will be improved as a result of analyzing user feedback.

 FinTech Servies

Geniusee is a financial software development company that provides best services for financial software development

●      Management of financial data

●      Banking online (Wallet)

●      Management decisions based on data

●      Analytics that predicts the future

●      Detection of fraud

●      Cryptography

What we offer

We offer different variety of work

  • Discovery phase for detailed product overview in 2 weeks
  • Complex cloud solutions implementation
  • User centered product design by UI/UX experts
  • web/mobile product development
  • MVP for startup and buisness in 2-3 months
  • Dedicated team with proven experties and certificates
  • Data science and data engineering services

Features of financial software development system

For a Fintech solution to be unique, it must be defined clearly in terms of features and functions. In a Fintech product, there are a few crucial features that must be present. Some of these features are:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Verifying users with multiple factors
  • Payment transaction dashboards
  • Social media and payment gateway integrations
  • Money transfer notifications via push notifications
  • Chatbot powered by AI

Why choose us?


Geneusee’s developer costs are 40% lower than the cost of an in-house employee in the United States


We are familiar with the dynamics of your business and industry. We are specialists in this field.


Quality and safety are important to our customers. For this reason, we provide a 30-day warranty following delivery.

Our core values

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Partnership
  • Responsibility

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