Discovery of the major gene that causes deafness

Discovery of the major gene that causes deafness
LONDON: Scientists have discovered a gene that could play a key role in the formation of tiny fibers in the ear that sense vibrations. It is hoped that by activating this gene, deaf people will be able to hear again.

We have been searching for the root cause of deafness for some time and now experts have found a ‘master switch’ for hearing. It is hoped that this will enable those who have lost the gift of voice to be able to hear it again. Because it can lead to new treatments for hearing loss.

In this special cell inside the ear ‘cochlear hair cell’ has been considered. When sound waves hit them, they are converted into electrical signals and we hear. These cells are severely affected by aging, disease or congenital malformations.
Two years ago, experts discovered a protein in the mother’s womb that determines whether or not a baby’s cochlear hair cells develop properly. Experts then consider that the same protein therapy can restore hearing by restoring hearing fibers.

New research is now underway on the same lines that have been considered for hearing of inner and outer fiber cells. External hair cells form at birth and do not form later. They shrink and expand in the depths of the ear at the sound waves and magnify the inner hair cell. In the next stage, these vibrations reach the nerve cells (neurons) and thus we feel the sound inside the brain.

Experts have now discovered a system that regulates and regulates internal and external hair cells. This gene is called TBX2. When activated, this gene converts normal cells into inner hair cells. As soon as the gene stopped working, the cells in the ear fibers began to merge into the outer cells. That is, gene switching can change the type of hair cell.

This research also reveals why certain types of cells are rapidly destroyed. This research will open the door to gene therapy and hearing rehabilitation.

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