Discovered more than 600 new animals and plants last year

Discovered more than 600 new animals and plants last year
London: The year 2021, although cod 19 and political chaos fell, but especially British experts in lockdown also researched and discovered 550 new species and animals. In this regard, American experts also announced more than 70 new species of plants and animals.

Experts at the California Academy of Sciences have announced 70 new species, including the beautiful starfish, the blue-marked guitar fish and the pipe horse. According to Shannon Bennett, head of the academy, these discoveries will help to further understand the biological tree or tree of life. According to him, new discoveries have been made from Madagascar, Mexico and Easter Islands.

These animals include 14 whirlwinds, 12 species of sea urchins, nine species of ants, six species of fish, six species of scorpions, five species of flowering plants, four different sharks, three spiders, a species of seagrass and other species. Included. It should be noted that a beautiful starfish has also been discovered.

British experts, on the other hand, explored their treasures in code lockdown, which contained innumerable fossils. First, they discovered two new carnivorous dinosaurs, one named Chief Dragon.

Susanna Mement, a scientist at the museum, said it was impossible to get out due to restrictions on Code 19, but museum staff considered data from the world and pre-existing specimens.

Experts at the Natural History Museum in London have dubbed the study the Lockdown Project. Throughout this phase, new plants, animals, insects, and many endangered species have emerged. In total, British experts have discovered more than 550 new species.

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