Chronovirus: IPL under criticism in India

Chronovirus: IPL under criticism in India

In the Indian Premier League (IPL) in India, some players have tested positive for corona, after which the players are suffering from fear.

According to media reports, Indian newspapers have also refused to cover the IPL due to the deteriorating situation of the corona virus.

Indian newspapers have started suspending IPL coverage and in their editorials have written that commercialism is being given importance during the war of life and death. Newspapers have written that the IPL has been used to draw attention to the destruction of Karuna. Boycotting

On the other hand, the campaign to shut down the IPL has intensified on social media, but along with the organizers, foreign cricketers are in India to play tournaments for money, but some cricketers have left the IPL and gone home. ۔

Australia’s Andrew Tate has already announced his retirement from the league, while Adam Zampa and Ken Richardson have also withdrawn from the IPL, as has Indian cricketer Ravi Chandran Eshwan due to the corona virus.

According to media reports, despite the increase in corona cases, the organizers are facing severe criticism for continuing the IP League, which has increased the chances of the league being postponed.

Earlier, English batsman Liam Livingstone also returned home last week citing fatigue.

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