China’s clear response to G7 countries

China’s clear response to G7 countries

BEIJING: China has responded sharply to the G7, saying the fate of the world is not in the hands of a small group like the G7.

According to the details, two days ago, the group of 7 richest democratic powers in the world had presented an infrastructure plan to eliminate China’s influence, to which China responded by warning the G-7 countries. Gone are the days when the fate of the world was decided by a small group.

According to Reuters, China on Monday denounced the G7 plan to replace the road and belt project as impossible, denounced allegations of forced labor and slandered human rights abuses in Xinjiang, saying the world was a small group. Governance does not work.

The world’s seven richest democratic powers, disturbed by China’s influence, made an important decision

Condemning the group’s joint statement, China said that the days when groups of small countries used to decide the fate of the world were over. The world order based on the principles of the United Nations is the real international order.

On Saturday, a group of seven richest democratic parties presented an infrastructure plan to developing countries in a bid to counter China’s growing influence, and Chinese President Xi Jinping Wants to compete with the multi-trillion dollar Belt and Road project.

At the meeting, US President Joe Biden said he wanted the US-backed “Build Back Butter World (B3W)” to be a high-quality alternative to the Chinese program. The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has financed the construction of trains, roads and ports in many countries, but has been criticized for burdening some countries with debt. Has gone

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