Best Draught Tolerant trees for Northern California

In California, there are around 16 million people who reside in areas that are experiencing moderate to severe drought. More than 42% of the state’s population can be attributed to this. It has an impact on society, the economy, and the environment. It affects a variety of things, including tree growth and health. For them to survive, you must pick California drought-tolerant trees. Trees may live in conditions of severe heat and scarce water supplies. Making the correct variety selections is the key in this case. As you read on, we’ll list some of the greatest trees to plant. We will tell you which are the best draught tolerant trees for Northern California.

People in Southern California are understandably reconsidering the trees you should put on their land as the region experiences one of its driest years in living memory. This is the ideal time to put drought-resistant trees and plants on your lawn to replace the grass. This change will benefit the environment and your water rates, which could soon soar.

While native plants will receive a lot of attention in this book because they are inherently some of the most sustainable trees, we will also discuss several drought-resistant trees native to regions with similar conditions to ours.

Queensland Box

It may seem odd that certain Australian trees made this list, but the Southwest of the United States and the Southwestern Area of Australia both have very similar Mediterranean climates. This makes it possible for plants to coexist fairly effectively in both regions of the earth.

The Brisbane Box produces gorgeous flowers. This tree may not survive well if you live in a region with a lot of fog or occasional frost, but it is perfect for warm regions with dry soil. The Briz Box’s strong resistance to pollution and ability to improve air quality are two more outstanding features.

Los Angeles Box Elders

The California Elder will be a suitable choice for your climate if you reside in a region like California’s San Diego County, where there is typically some water available through streams, but there are also some drought situations.



In other places, it will initially require a lot of water, but over time it will become very resistant to drought. When exposed to high winds and temperatures, the Californian Box Elder does rather well.

The attraction of box elder bugs to box elder trees turns off some people. Although they have a little unsettling appearance and, if you squish one, a mild odor, they are mostly not harmful. Fall brings stunning leaves to the California Box Elder Tree, while spring brings modest yet charming blossoms.

Anura Acacia

The Acacia Aneura shrub is a tiny, evergreen tree or shrub that blooms in the summer with golden yellow flowers. This tree, known as Mulga, is native to Australia and is well suited to high heat and drought circumstances. It is low maintenance and only needs a little irrigation in the summer, growing up to 20 feet tall and 15 feet broad.

Shore Live Oak (Quercus Agrifolia)

The California Live Oak, often referred to as the Coast Live Oak, is an evergreen oak tree native to California. It is a moderate tree often found on coastal plains and hills with well-drained soils. However, it may also flourish in mixed evergreen forests in the north and the south. The resilient addition is the Coast Live Oak.

Red Oak

The live oak is considered to be the most graceful kind of oak among all the others. If you’re seeking a shade tree, it is a striking addition to any property. One of the widest trees on our list due to its robust branches, which may span up to 120 feet. The tree has a unique personality because of its symmetrical and dense canopy. It can, however, also be an issue. It has large surface roots that can harm roads and buildings. You may want to think about California tree removal in the future.

Cherry Tree in Catalina

The Catalina cherry is a substantial evergreen endemic to Southern & Central California. It has glossy green leaves that can grow up to 5 inches long. This is a wonderful option for a tree due to its dense foliage. Tree services in California are necessary to preserve a tidy and compact appearance because the canopy can get thick.

Arid Willow

How drought-tolerant the name already implies the tree. No need to worry about it needing water because it can survive in the desert. When fully grown, this tree can reach heights of 25 feet and widths of 10 feet.

Before we leave, though, Here Are A Few Tips.

We know that many of you are looking for fresh ideas for what to plant on your land as the drought in California continues to worsen. Take a moment to study up on a few plants before you try to tear up your yard.

Some Planting Advice:

In the fall, before the rainy season, plant trees.

Look for trees that are native to climates in the Mediterranean

Extra Points Visit trees that are beneficial to bees and birds.


Consult an arborist with experience in native and drought-tolerant plants.

Bay of California

The California Bay is yet another promising choice when seeking the greatest natural trees in California that can withstand drought. It flourishes along the state’s coastline. The tree is 80 feet tall on average. Additionally, it is renowned for its scent. It can be used as a spice in cooking because they release a strong scent and spicy flavor when they are crushed. Be aware that the terpenes that this tree releases have the potential to damage adjacent plants.

Olive of Europe (Fruitless)

Fast-growing, unproductive olive trees include Olea europaea. This tree is perfect for individuals who adore the appearance of an olive tree but do not want to cope with the messy fruits it would yield. This tree, indigenous to the Mediterranean region, requires little care and water.

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