Anthony Blanken has been named the new US Secretary of State

Anthony Blanken has been named the new US Secretary of State
Washington – The US Senate has approved the appointment of Anthony Blanken, a close ally of President Joe Biden, as the new Secretary of State.

According to a foreign news agency, a vote was taken in the US Senate in this regard in which 22 votes were cast against Anthony Blanken while 78 votes were cast in favor. Following this success, he was appointed the new Foreign Secretary. Under former President Barack Obama, Anthony Blanken held the position of Deputy Secretary of State.

In a speech before the US election, Anthony Blinken had said that if his party and Joseph Biden came to power, we would have a clear policy on the issue of India and Kashmir.
Anthony Blinken strongly condemned the move by India on August 5, 2019 and expressed his concern over it. He also criticized India’s controversial Citizenship Bill and restrictions on freedom of expression in occupied Kashmir, calling it a matter of concern.

Earlier, the Senate approved the appointment of Lloyd Austin, another of President Biden’s key allies, as Secretary of Defense. He is the first black Secretary of Defense in US history. He commanded his army in the Iraq war and resigned in 2016.

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