You have tons of news channels on the internet. But why news 38? Well, because we are not here for the news only. But the genuine reasons and the facts hidden behind those news.

We do not just throw the tantrum of loads of news pages and notifications to your browsers but we also analyze them. We have specialized persons to give a review or to share their opinion about certain news as well.

We also approach several journalists to talk about a certain issue or news. So we are not just here for the static news. Similarly, we are not here for the headlines as well. We make sure to scrape all the essential news national or international and bring it to our audiences.

As being in the digital era we also appreciate our audience preferences and therefore we have done tremendous work on “Personalization”. That is to use cookies in our website and to deliver the news in which a person is particularly interested.

To deliver and spread news comes with great responsibility. We at static news do all the efforts for the transparency of our news channel. Anything you hear on this platform won’t just be another fake news. We try to support any unusual news with strong facts and only then we publish it on our website. So you can blindly trust our e-news channel with authenticity.