A woman who lived for six months was found after eating moss and grass in the mountains

A woman who lived for six months was found after eating moss and grass in the mountains
The 47-year-old woman, who had been missing for six months, was found in a mountainous area where she had survived on grass, moss and water.

A shocking incident took place in the US state of Utah when a missing woman was accidentally found 6 months later.

According to media reports, on November 25, the woman’s car was found by employees serving in the forest, after which a search was launched. The search continued for several days but no success was found.

Several detectives and official rescuers continued to search for him, but the search was stopped a few days later.

However, a few days ago, another attempt was made to trace the woman and a damaged drone was found in the area.

When the sergeant and the pilot of the drone approached the tent, they saw that the woman was staying there.

The woman lived in a tent in this desolate area, eating only grass and moss, while others drank water from a distant river.

Police say the woman has been taken to hospital, and it is feared she may have some mental health problems.

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